About Me

I am a computer programmer working remotely from a small town in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

My primary programming language has been PHP. For the last number of years I have been working mostly on Moodle, deploying it, modifying it, creating custom plugins for our clients, modifying existing plugins, site administration and troubleshooting. Even though I am not with my former employer anymore where I worked on Moodle, I continue to work on it in terms of Ansible roles for setting it up, software services, working on plugins and participating in the community chat rooms and forums, taking courses on Moodle Academy to stay up-to-date.

Besides the secondary programming languages that are obligatory for a web developer (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bash, SQL), I also enjoy learning other languages like Racket, Clojure, Haskell, Elixir, etc.

I had fun writing web scrapers in Python and have decided to make it my primary language moving forward because, besides the fact that I like the language philosophy and syntax, there are many libraries available for it for all types of programming.

When I am not programming, I play the saxophone, play chess online, or learn other human languages like Latin on Duolingo and from books.

About this Website

On this website I:

  • Write blog posts about my adventures in computer programming as well as my other interests like chess and playing the saxophone.
  • Keep a portfolio of my projects.
  • Link to my accounts on other services like GitHub.

As a compensation for maintaining the website, in the right-hand sidebar of page, I add links to popular products or books on Amazon that are of interest to me and my readers. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This website is built using the Pelican static site generator, styled using Tailwind CSS, deployed using GitHub Actions and hosted for free on GitHub Pages.